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Audio2000'S AWM6305U In-Ear Audio Monitor System

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The Audio2000'S AWM6305U wireless in-ear monitoring system is a UHF wireless system with 100 adjustable frequencies. The AWM6305U wireless in-ear monitoring system includes one transmitter, two receivers, two stereo ear-phones, and a carrying case. Transmitter: frequency band: UHF band width: 25 MHz oscillation mode: PLL synthesized frequency stability: 0.005% (32 - 122 deg. F) modulation mode: FM stereo modulation output power: . Uhf-band frequencies frequency agile over a 25 MHz bandwidth, with 100 pre-programmed frequencies available. Built-in Limiter circuitry eliminating distortion under excessive input levels. Front panel 1/4-inch stereo monitoring headphone jack. Mono Mode or stereo Mode LCD display low-battery indicator on the receiver Two balanced combo audio inputs and two balanced audio outputs on the transmitter one audio level adjustment knob micro-controller (cpu) controlled 13 - 15VDC power supply

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