Genesis Water Technologies GW-SPS10 Water Scale Build Up Prevention System with 1-Gallon/Minute Flow and Template Assisted Crystallization Technology

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Genesis Water Technologies water scale prevention system with a 1 gal/min flow rate and 3/4" threaded connections. This unit utilizes Template Assisted Crystallization to attack and combine the scale in the water into crystals which cannot attach to plumbing walls and accumulate into flow choking clots in the plumbing system. The crystals then pass through the plumbing system harmlessly. This system does not add chemicals or salts into your water and is easy to install on the cold water source inlet pipe in your plumbing system to protect the entire home or business from hard water deposits. Scale Prevention System utilizes Template Assisted Crystallization to collect calcium and magnesium from the water and combine them into crystals Provides a cost savings from increased system efficiencies in residential or commercial applications like food and beverage service applications Convenient scale prevention unit which installs easily and requires minimal maintenance without adding chemicals or salts to your water One gallon per minute flow rate Proudly Made in America

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