Goodlite G-20398 Straight 24-watt Mini Bi Pin Base 4100K T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamp, 40-Pack

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Linear fluorescent lighting offers long life and quality energy efficient task lighting in a broad range of colors and sizes to fit any decor. Whether you want to create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen or bath or bring the outdoors in with a bright white light similar to natural outdoor light for any room in the home, Good lite line of fluorescents can meet your needs. Most fluorescent bulbs are straight (linear) but some fixtures use circular (Circling) bulbs, while other fixtures use a U-shaped (U-bent) design. G5 Mini Begin, 22" long, Good Efficiency 75% less energy than incandescent, 1350 Lumens More than 100++ lumens/watt (efficacy) Bulb Meets Federal Minimum efficiency Standards Works with INSTANT/RAPID Start Fixtures, Long Life: 30,000 hour , bulbs sleeved safe wile shipping CRI 85 800 series high quality triphosphor coding Energy efficient, high energy savings in an environmentally responsible lamp low mercury meets TCLP Brand Cross Reference F24T5/841/HO/ECO - F24T5/SPX41/HO/ECO - F24T5/841/HO/ALTO - FP24/841/HO/ECO

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