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Snuggle Me Organic Pure 100% Organic Co-Sleeping Baby Bed, Infant Lounger, Portable Crib

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#1 TRUSTED, NON-TOXIC SLEEP SOLUTION FOR BABY: Designed to fit baby's head and torso (with legs draped over the bottom end) the Snuggle Me Organic's center sling will gently pull in to hug your baby. This unique "snuggle" design helps with common infant sleep issues like frequent waking, startling awake, and wanting to sleep in a parent's arms or on their chest. For babies 0-6 months old. PREVENTS ROLLING AND TURNING: Unlike imitation products, this smart sling design cradles baby's body in a hammock-like environment, preventing them from rolling or turning within the sleeper itself, giving peace of mind that baby will stay on their back and in place during the night. BETTER CO-SLEEPING FOR BABY AND YOU: The Snuggle Me Organic is compact and incredibly comfortable to sleep alongside. It allows baby to feel content, while allowing you the freedom to move within your bed without waking baby, while also eliminating the fear you will roll onto them during the night. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE: Because of its light-weight design, the Snuggle Me Organic makes the perfect co-sleeping aid, but can also be easily moved around the house for lounging, tummy time, infant massage or a changing station. It can also be used as a bassinet mattress pad or baby travel bed. PURE ORGANIC AND USA MADE: Made for the eco-conscious family. The Snuggle Me Organic PURE is made with all organic cotton fabrics and is hand-filled with raw organic cotton, grown in the USA. Sewn and inspected in Minnesota USA. No flame retardants or other harmful chemicals.Free from flame retardants and all other harmful chemicals. The cushion shell is made with 100% organic cotton twill and comes with a removable organic cotton cover.

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